Heatlok XT significantly increases the sustainability of this high-performing product, which now contains more than 20 percent renewable and recycled content. The product can now earn commercial and residential construction projects up to ten LEED certification points. The insulation can yield has increased more than 10 percent over our existing closed cell offerings. With products focused on the spray season, Heatlok XT’s winter formulation can be sprayed at temperatures as low as 10 degrees (F) - the lowest in the spray foam market. In addition to boosting the product’s eco-friendly attributes and cold-climate temperature range, sprayability has been increased to save time with a 2 inch on 2 inch application (within seconds of spraying two inches of foam, another two inches can be sprayed over the first application) and allow for a wider processing window. The product also increased its performance in fire resistance. In ASTM-E-84 testing, the standard test method for surface burning characteristics of building materials, the Heatlok XT formulation scored a zero in fire resistance and flame spread - meaning that it completely inhibited a flame’s ability to spread from one surface to another.

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