The 2017 Fall Conference and Networking hosted by CISCA will take place October 4-6, 2017 in San Antonio, TX.
There are many changes taking place at the event this year:

60 Minutes Max Sessions -- No session will be longer than 60 minutes.  We heard you when you said sessions were too long.  There are two sessions the first day:  State of the Economy and How to Hire and Retain A Players.  For Emerging Leaders, we have a class on Finance 101 -- now that you are making money, what should you be doing with it?  Learn about retirement accounts and learn the definitions of the terms you hear every day.

The second day will be timely presentations on BIM/VR and other topics.

(See below for more information on education)

Networking is always a part of a CISCA event!  The Welcome dinner will bring some tailgate games and after dinner we will make S'Mores.  The second evening we will have dinner on the River Walk.

After a few days of education, relax and unwind with a trip to Austin.  The bus will depart the hotel at 3:00 pm and arrive in Austin approximately 5:00 pm.  You have until 11:00 pm to explore Austin.  The bus is provided by CISCA, but attendees are responsible for the expense of what they do in Austin.  Here is a link to an article on Austin.

No CISCA event would be complete without golf and something for the non-golfers to do.  Golf will be played on the property of the resort and for those of you who do not like golf, we have a fun afternoon in San Antonio.

Outstanding speakers and education sessions:

Thursday, October 5:

Two sessions are being presented by Michael Eshoo of Merrill Lynch, State of the Economy and Personal Finance 101.  Everyone wants to know what is happening with the economy so we can estimate how that will impact our companies.    Click here to learn more about Mike.

Will Premble, from Goal Boss will present on "Find. Keep. Repeat. How to Recruit, Onboard, and Retain A Players."  A very timely for all our members!  Click here for more information on the session.  In this session, participants learn:

  • How to assess and predict a job fit for potential employees
  • Understanding how behavioral style is an indicator for long term job success
  • How a Written 90-Day Onboarding plan can boost retention by 50%
  • The Top 3 Career Stallers, and how to avoid them.
  • Strategies for Employee Engagement and Retention

Friday, October 6:

Friday brings sessions on technology presented by Paul Godwin from Marek and Andrew Price from Hunter Douglas.:


We will look at how BIM is being utilized by the ceiling industry contractors, breaking down the benefits it brings to cost implications to finding resources or expertise for BIM deliverables.  BIM isn't new any more, but for some it can seem daunting to start or the benefits don't seem clear enough to engage in.  Yet, without an established plan in place for handling BIM requests/projects, how long can any contractor plan to stay successful in an industry where BIM has become standard practice?


This new technology has a lot of potential to bring a lot of change to the AEC (Architect, Engineering, and Contractor) community, and has been quickly adopted.  While the technology isn't new, nor is it fully developed, it has enormous potential to change how we communicate architectural design.  Imagine being able to see your scope of work, fully installed and integrated with other trades before ever stepping onto the jobsite, helping to reduce RFI's, clashes with other trades, and costly errors.

Why attend? Because the CISCA Fall Conference and Networking provides value by:

  • Great Networking and Partnering Opportunities
  • Forming lifetime relationships
  • Meeting new contacts/relationship building opportunities
  • Networking with others outside your markets that are facing similar challenges
  • Superior Education
  • Bringing an idea or concept back to your company to make your company more money
  • Exceptional Accommodations
  • Outstanding Golf
  • A great opportunity to meet CISCA Board of Directors, Past Presidents, Emerging Leaders & other CISCA Members

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