BullBag Corp. prepares its disaster team and employees from three locations to aid in the cleanup of Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi, Houston and San Antonio, Texas. The company is readying its teams to head out to Texas in the upcoming days to provide disaster support and cleanup efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

BullBag Founder and CEO Paul DiSpazio said, "Sadly, the entire BullBag Corporation and I are unfortunately familiar with disaster relief support, having been one of the 1st responders to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy." He added that he, "… hopes BullBag's presence and immediate efforts might bring some peace to those so negatively impacted by Mother Nature."

The BullBag reusable dumpster bag holds up to two-and-a-half tons and is rapidly becoming the go-to means of debris removal for Insurance Restoration, Disaster Clean-up, Contractors, DIY projects and homeowners because disposals are not weighed. BullBags are immediately ready for usage without having to wait for metal dumpsters to be delivered. Weighing less than 15 pounds, BullBags won't cause damage to property and can be picked up over fences, pulled out of garages, and from second story scaffolding. "It's One Tough Bag" backed by a lifetime warranty.

Originated and headquartered in Connecticut, the BullBag is very active in local community clean-ups, charity events, and emergency/disaster support that benefit the residents of communities all over the United States. For more information, visit thebullbag.com, email info@thebullbag.com, or disasterresponse@thebullbag.com.