In the wake of Hurricane Irma, the Mirabella community was able to find a silver lining last week as the US Green Building Council released their annual LEED Homes Awards.

Mirabella and its developers, Koral and Gobuty Development, were recognized by the USGBC as a 2017 "Power Builder of the Year" and then with the 2017 LEED award for efforts to develop the most sustainable homes in Florida.

The LEED award recognizes developments "trailblazing" the pursuit of green housing by honoring those with 90 percent or more of their total homes LEED certified, putting Mirabella in an elite category nationwide. Mirabella was named to an even more exclusive group, with all homes rated Platinum, the highest of four categories on the LEED certification scale. Mirabella's 39 remaining homes are also set to receive Platinum certification upon completion.

As one of the top Power Builders in the country according to the USGBC, Mirabella is recognized as one of America's most committed developments working towards sustainability. Most recently, Mirabella has been developing a solar package that will be available to new and existing homeowners, allowing eligible villas to go entirely NetZero. Meaning, Mirabella homes will be capable of producing as much, if not more, energy than they consume.

Marshall Gobuty, Mirabella's developer, says, "as developers, the pursuit to provide the best and most eco-conscious homes is endless."

Mirabella's approach to sustainability, has always been paramount in importance, with each and every home featuring energy efficient insulation, appliances, windows, lighting, paint, and air conditioning.

Mahesh Ramanujam, USGBC president and CEO said, "Homes provide more than just shelter. As demonstrated by the slate of LEED Homes award recipients, LEED homes improve the health and well-being of the occupants while saving energy, environmental resources, and money."

In addition to being an award-winning, energy efficient community, Mirabella has also been recognized for its commitment to creating an active 55+ community and lifestyle environment. With monthly event calendars, residents have the option to get involved in different group activities each day. Mirabella's on-site recreational amenities promote both an eco-conscious mindset and drive community involvement by encouraging walking and bicycling, instead of driving.

"We have committed to ensuring that no detail is forgotten, as we strive for every home to be as environmentally conscious and energy efficient as possible," said Marshall Gobuty. "By doing so, we've been awarded LEED certification as well as ENERGY STAR and HERS certifications. But even more rewarding was our homes' ability to withstand the strong winds and rain of hurricane Irma. That's a testament to our hard work, design, and application of the principles that the USGBC has in place surrounding LEED."

Mirabella's philosophy and pursuit of LEED Platinum certification for all homes is a driving force in how their villas are designed and built. "It's why the homes have proven so durable in inclement weather and why the community has been honored with so many prestigious awards in such a short amount of time," said Gobuty.

During Hurricane Irma, the Mirabella site held strong, with not a single home suffering external damage. Even the debris left behind was completely cleared within days of the storm's passing. The community and its residents were back up and running in record speed.

"We are appreciative to the USGBC for continuing to recognize our efforts," added Gobuty.  To be awarded one of this year's Power Builders clearly supports Mirabella in being one of the most innovative new home developments in the green building marketplace and best places to buy and live in all of Florida."