Barbara Lamprecht, M.Arch., Ph.D., Matthew Berkley, M.A., and Scott Lander, D.C., have formed a partnership together and work for California-based real estate firm deasy/penner. Berkley and Lander have been licensed realtor for nearly two decades and have represented the sales of some of the most-significant properties throughout California. Dr. Lamprecht will initially serve as associate partner and architectural historian but will assume the role of realtor and partner in late-September 2017.

“We are excited to announce this partnership and highlight our extensive experience and expertise that is now available to clients looking to buy or sell real estate throughout California,” says Berkley. “We have come together as two architectural historians and a restoration specialist to meet the demand for documentation and representation of historic and architecturally significant homes and buildings throughout California.”

A resident of Southern California for most of his life, Berkley is a realtor who makes representing historic and architecturally significant properties his primary focus. Since obtaining his real estate license in 2001, he, along with his firm, have represented works by architects such as Charles and Henry Greene, Wallace Neff, Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, Richard Neutra, and Frank Gehry. Berkley attended Boston University and California State University, Long Beach, and is an architectural historian holding undergraduate and graduate degrees in United States and modern European history. His education, coupled with nearly 20 years representing sellers and buyers of architectural and historic properties, provides him a distinct advantage in marketing to an audience that understands and respects the significance of the properties he represents.

Raised in Canada and New York City, Dr. Lamprecht is a Pasadena-based “qualified architectural historian” specializing in the rehabilitation of modern buildings, national and local designations, and Mills Act contracts. Dr. Lamprecht earned an M.Arch., at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and her Ph.D. at the University of Liverpool. She is the author of Neutra: Complete Works, Neutra, and Richard Neutra: Furniture: The Body and the Senses. Currently, she is working on the rehabilitation of the Jardinette Apartments in Hollywood. The apartments are a four-story reinforced concrete International Style building designed by Neutra with Rudolf Schindler in 1928. Dr. Lamprecht will speak on the physiological and psychological aspects of architecture in Chicago, Illinois, New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Vienna this year.

Lander attended California State University, Northridge, and obtained his DC from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. After becoming a licensed real estate agent, he began buying and restoring architectural and historic homes. He has restored or represented some of the most-notable properties in Southern California. In 2010, Lander won the Santa Monica Conservancy Preservation Award for the restoration of the Richard Neutra-designed Leon Barsha residence, which had been deemed a tear-down prior to his stewardship.  In 2012, he was awarded the Historic Preservation award from the City of Pasadena for the restoration of Buff & Hensman-designed Thompson residence.

Berkley, Lander & Lamprecht embrace the opportunity to work with homeowners and buyers to educate them on the very real benefits of nominating their historic homes, whatever the era, as local, state, or national historic landmarks. Additionally, the team are experts in preparing comprehensive restoration plans as part of the property tax-saving Mills Act for California properties. Berkley, Lander & Lamprecht provides an entire spectrum of services for those specialized needs of owners of “pedigreed” houses, with the caveat that every client and every house, historic or not, receives the same professional devotion because all homes have a special history.

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