Demilec, a large manufacturer of spray applied polyurethane foam insulation in North America, is helping deliver a new energy-efficient home to an American hero and his family.

In partnership with Building Homes for Heroes, Demilec has donated its Sealection 500 spray foam insulation to help construct a new home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, for Purple Heart veteran and Air Force Captain, Nathan Nelson. Demilec partnered with Gulf Coast Insulation, who donated the labor, to outfit the 5,000 square foot, wheelchair accessible home.

Nelson was injured by a rocket blast in 2013, while part of a special operations team in Afghanistan. He has undergone dozens of surgeries for his many injuries, including a spinal cord injury, but still has no movement below his chest and limited movement in his hands. For his service and sacrifice for his country, Nelson received the Purple Heart as well as more than a dozen other commendations.

“Demilec is thankful for this man’s service to his country and privileged to contribute to the home this veteran and his family deserves,” said Paul Valle, CEO of Demilec.

The cutting-edge Sealection 500 open-cell spray foam insulation expands 120 times its liquid volume to insulate and seal gaps with a single application. It has dramatically increased energy efficiency for millions of residential and commercial property owners and reduced heat and cooling costs up to 50 percent, while preventing dust, pollen and other outdoor pollutants from infiltrating the home.

“By using the Sealection 500, Demilec is able to help Building Homes for Heroes provide Captain Nelson with an energy-efficient, insulated house reducing environmental and financial factors that could impact the home and the family,” Valle said.