Miter Saw with Laser Marker

Hitachi Power Tools

The company’s 10-inch sliding dual compound miter saw with laser, the C10FSHC, utilizes the company’s compact slide system that requires zero rear clearance allowing the saw to sit nearly flush on a benchtop without compromising the range of movement. Equipped with an adjustable laser marker and LED light, this saw is ideal for small shops or jobsite locations, and delivers perfectly accurate cuts. The tool features its compact slide system. The sliding arm moves along fixed rails, enabling the saw to sit on a bench top. The rails also deliver smooth and effortless movement thanks to the linear motion bearings. The Cl0FSHC eliminates the need for large work areas that a conventional slide saw would typically occupy. For more information, visit


Durable Tape Measure


The company has introduced a 35-foot version of the XP Tape Measure. Designed for framers and other construction professionals looking for a tape measure to withstand the harshest job sites and extreme use, the tool features a tougher case, tougher blade coating, and tougher hook connection. Reengineered from the inside out and built around Dual-Core Technology—a patented spring system that utilizes two retracting springs in an impact-resistant, heavy-duty case, the product is a compact, professional-duty ergonomic tape with a case designed for a better fit in the user’s hand. Using the new 35-foot model, builders and contractors alike will benefit from its toughest blade yet, which features 13 feet of straighter, truer blade standout and a tougher hook connection reinforced to reduce breakage near the hook. For more information, visit


Lubricant with LED-powered Technology

Liquid Wrench

The Pro Penetrant and Lubricant is powered by FlashSight technology. This first-of-its-kind product features a built-in LED light located directly above the spray nozzle, enabling users to see where they spray and improving accuracy in low-light areas. This, combined with an innovative product formulation that delivers the power of a penetrating oil, is able to cut through the toughest rust, grease and corrosion, and a long-lasting lubricant that reduces friction and wear. Additional product attributes include:

  • Locking on-and-off collar for convenient no-mess storage;
  • Two spray options (with or without
    a straw);
  • Pro-grade anti-seize formula;
  • Safe on metal, painted surfaces,
    plastic and rubber;
  • Breaks down built-up rust and cuts through tough grease;
  • Corrosion protection on all metals, including copper, brass and bronze;
  • Zero VOC.

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Carbide-tipped Reciprocating Saw Blade


New LENOX Lazer CT Reciprocating Saw Blades feature high performance carbides that are welded to increase durability and prevent tooth loss. The product delivers up to 10X the life and fast performance cutting of applications such as stainless steel. A tall blade profile facilitates straight cuts in demanding metal cutting applications like stainless steel and cast iron. The blade also delivers advanced performance when cutting non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals with a variety of thicknesses and threaded rod.  The product is available in 4, 6 and 9 inch lengths to cover the most popular cutting applications. The next generation of blades are designed for tough, nail-embedded wood applications. Each tooth is precision ground on multiple surfaces, creating optimum angles that allow the blade to cut through nails with ease. The thick blade profile provides increased durability and greater control to deliver up to 10x the life. For more information, visit


Cordless Handle Circular Saw

Makita USA

The company has released a new cordless cutting solution for framing, formwork and carpentry with the 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rear Handle 7¼-inch Circular Saw, model XSR01. The “New Original” combines 18V X2 technology with an efficient brushless motor for maximum performance and true freedom from the cord. In run-time testing, the tool made 558 cuts in 2x4 SPF lumber on a single charge using two 18V 5.0Ah batteries, and 291 cross cuts in a 2x10 SPF lumber on a single charge (5.0Ah batteries). The saw is equipped with Automatic Speed Change technology, which adjusts cutting speed and torque while cutting for optimum performance. The brushless motor’s electronic controls enable the soft start feature so there’s no “kick” at start-up, as well as an electric brake for increased convenience. For more information, visit


Reciprocating Saw


The company announced its entry into the linear cutting market with a 13-amp reciprocating saw with patented Buzzkill technology. While some tools on the market feature a rotational system, which transmits vibration in multiple directions, SKILSAW features a linear system, which simplifies the counterbalance to maintain superior vibration control with fewer wear points. The reduced vibration makes the tool more durable, increasing its lifespan and providing greater comfort for the user. Other notable features include a variable speed trigger for cutting specialized materials, a secure tool-less blade clamp that holds up to harsh jobsite demands and an oversize trigger for flexibility in multiple cutting positions. To learn more, visit


Compact Framing Nailer


The Paslode Compact 30° Framing Nailer makes interior remodeling easier with its emphasis on access and maneuverability. At 5.9 pounds, the pneumatic nailer is very light weight, lessening fatigue and allowing for better control when working overhead. The 13-inch tool also promotes accessibility to tight spaces, fitting easily between 16-inch o.c. studs. To increase comfort and productivity, the nailer features a by-pass follower for a quick reload, works in sequential or bump-fire modes to match the speed to the task and features a reversible belt hook so remodelers can keep both hands free. For more information, visit


Heavy-duty Hammer Tacker

Bon Tool Co.

The Heavy Duty BHTC Hammer Tacker features durable all-steel construction and a non-slip, ergonomically styled and padded handle grip. A built-in buffer plate protects the work piece from damage. The tacker is used for multiple applications including roofing, insulation, stucco/lath and carpet installation. Its lightweight and single-hand function makes the tool easy to use for quick staple application. The tacker has spring load staple feed for staples sized 1/4 to 9/16 inch. For more information, visit


Brushless Oscillating Multi-tool

Bosch Tools

The GOP12V-28 12V Max Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool is a multi-use tool that boasts light weight and compact size combined with the surprising power of a 12-volt Max tool. The tool features the next-generation Starlock 3-D interface; the accessory connection is cupped and shaped like a bottle cap to provide more contact surface area for rock-solid blade grip and maximum torque transfer. The oscillating tool’s EC brushless motor delivers more power and enhanced efficiency versus the previous-generation tool’s 12-volt motor. This tool produces a top speed of up to 20,000 oscillations per minute and has ample power for fine cuts and fast task completion. For more information, visit


Cordless Drywall Fasterner

Milwaukee Tools

The M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Gun is the first cordless unit fully capable of replacing a corded screw gun. The Powerstate brushless motor gives the user faster than corded speed. Proprietary Auto Start mode allows the user to lock the trigger on but only power the motor when driving a screw, giving the user up to three times longer run time than leading competitive cordless units and no unnecessary motor noise between screws. For more information, visit


Gas-actuated Fastening Tool


With its short stroke of 3/4-inch before the trigger is engaged, the GX 2 is ideal for making fast, repetitive fastenings. It comes with the best-in-class 12 volt lithium-ion battery that recharges in 30 minutes and is capable of up to 8,000 fastenings with one charge. The 12 volt battery is fully compatible with other Hilti 12 volt tools such as the impact driver, drill driver and screw driver.  Compared to competitive gas-actuated tools, users will experience convenient features such as a gas gauge, battery indicator, easy disconnect to remove nail jams, adjustable belt hook and quick release magazine. These features are designed to help increase productivity. The tool is offered with two magazines, a 40 nail magazine for fastening 3/4-inch pins in deep drywall tracks, and a 30 nail magazine for fastening up to 1 9/16-inch nails. For more information, visit


Impact-rated Bits


Manufactured from high-grade tool steel tempered with a custom heat treatment, impact-rated bits are designed to reduce breakage and extend bit life up to five times longer than standard bits used in high torque metal-to-metal applications such as steel decking, hat channel, wall panel construction, resilient channel, metal truss assembly, window framing and aluminum extrusions. The company’s impact bit narrows just above the hex shank to absorb excess torque and impact energy that would otherwise transfer to the tip causing it to fracture. A variety of bits including #2 Phillips, #2 square, and Rex Drive in sizes ranging from 7¾ to 9 inch long are offered for the full range of tools. The bits are available in 25-piece bulk packages. Visit to learn more.


Collated Fastening Tool

Grabber Construction Products

SuperDrive N7 is a lightweight, easy-to-use collated fastening tool designed for reaching into even tighter spaces. Its small head design allows it to fit into constricted spaces and its rounded tip won’t damage drywall or other sheathing. The tool is ideal for hanging drywall or sheathing to wood and light to heavy gauge metal. The product can be easily adjusted to handle fastener lengths from 1 to 2 inches with just the click of a button. Fine depth control adjustment is made using N7’s SureLock fine depth control feature. The tool is easy to operate and accommodates screw diameters from 6 to 12 gauge. For more information, visit


Brushless Pulse Driver


The Stealth Force Brushless 18-Volt 3-Speed Pulse Driver with innovative Stealth Force technology uses a unique hydraulics oil pulse mechanism to make all jobs easier. The company’s Pulse Driver is up to twice as fast as standard impact drivers with half the noise. This kit also includes two Hyper Lithium-Ion batteries that provide up to two times more run-time compared to standard lithium-ion batteries. Its features include:

  • An oil pulse mechanism that drives two
    times faster and half the noise of traditional impact driver
  • Delivers up to 50 percent more run-time
    and longer motor life
  • Provides adjustable power and speed 
  • Tri-beam LED 
  • One handed quick-load bit holder
  • Grip light

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