The Scribe-Master Cope-Pro is perfect for fast, efficient and accurate cutting of baseboard, chair rail profiles and more. It has a series of stainless steel combs set out in series to form a profile copier (each 0.2 inches thick) and with the included tool, the combs are individually pushed into a sample work piece and locked into place, giving a negative copy profile. The comb assembly is then turned over and, using a 1/4 or 1/2-inch router and a copy pin, the user follows the negative copy contour allowing the router to cut a perfect cope. It can cope any shape of baseboard or chair rail in just seconds, is adjustable for out-of-plumb walls, and cuts both left and right hand copes once set up. It also makes easy work of joints, such as tenon, dado, half and lap, to name a few, with an accessory sold separately. For more information,