Extreme Stretch is a new urethanized acrylic sealant that combines the flexibility, adhesion strength and durability of polyurethane with the ease of clean up and paint properties of an acrylic latex. The product is specially formulated to provide strong flexibility and adhesion to a variety of surface materials for a seal that won’t crack. The company designed the sealant for maximum flexibility and adhesion that is two times stronger than others. It is low in odor, cleans up easily with water and is paint-ready for a professional finish that will not shine through, discolor or crack paint. The product can be painted in just two hours whereas some other sealants can take from 48 hours to even one week before painting. Shorter paint times improve productivity for contractors and reduce project times for homeowners. It meets ASTM C920 Type S, Grad NS, Class 25 and is now available at a variety of local home improvement retailers. For more information, visit dap.com.