Henry Co., a provider of Building Envelope Systems agreed to acquire Fortifiber, LLC, a manufacturer of weather-resistive moisture management systems, including housewrap, building paper and flashing tapes. 

The strategic acquisition of Fortifiber will reinforce the position of Henry as a provider of complete Building Envelope Systems encompassing below-grade, walls and roofing, both for residential and commercial construction applications. The Fortifiber product offering builds on the core business of Henry Residential Building Envelope Systems and enhances the full offering of water resistive air barrier solutions for the benefit of the homeowner, builder, architect and contractor. Fortifiber flashing products address moisture intrusion around windows and doors – the most common areas for leaks – and include FortiFlash, Moistop, and Moistop E-Z Seal brands, offering a full suite of flashing products in both mechanically fastened and self-adhesive applications. Fortifiber building paper solutions include Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute which is an industry stalwart in the ASK (asphalt saturated kraft) building paper category. Fortifiber housewrap products include the Ply Dry and WeatherSmart brands, and provide additional breadth to the Henry product portfolio, highlighted by Henry Blueskin VP100. 

Fortifiber brings a heritage of innovation to the strong R&D track record of Henry Co., and has successfully introduced advanced technologies into many of their product categories. 

 “This acquisition strengthens our Residential Building Envelope Systems portfolio of products and enables Henry to provide enhanced weather-resistive solutions for our customers,” said Frank Ready, CEO of Henry Co. “We are excited to have Fortifiber as part of the Henry family and are looking forward to providing customers with these innovative building performance technologies.”

Chris Yount, president of Fortifiber said, “The Fortifiber team is energized by the opportunity to join Henry. The acquisition will accelerate the expansion of innovative Fortifiber brands designed to protect and enhance the building envelope. Being part of Henry will provide a solid platform for future growth outside of our core geographies of the Western and Southwestern United States, where we have become an established leader in building envelope systems.”