The UP Companies (Power UP Electrical Contractors + Square UP Builders) was one of 37 Missouri businesses awarded safety grants from Missouri Employers Mutual, a Missouri provider of workers compensation insurance. The $7,875 grant funded the purchase of equipment and will help The UP Companies take the next step toward improving workplace safety. 

The UP Companies used the grant money to purchase a ReechCraft PowerPole power scaffolding system. The system will help reduce fall hazards by eliminating the need for workers to climb up on a roof to tie off a pole, or remove it. The new scaffolding system also features state-of-the art stabilizing technology to further protect workers. 

"UPCO's commitment to safety continues as it is constantly training and looking for state of the art safety equipment," said David Behlman, corporate services manager at UPCO. "It is our commitment to be the safest carpentry and electrical contractors in the industry with zero incidents. Adding the ReechCraft PowerPole system to our safety equipment arsenal will keep our workers safe." 

The grant is part of MEM's SafetySMARTS program, a portfolio of initiatives that reduce both workplace injuries and costs. MEM plans to award policyholders at least $1 million in safety grants over the next couple years, and far more if they improve workplace safety as MEM anticipates. Policyholders are required to report on the success of funded safety initiatives so MEM can help other businesses learn from their success.