Simpson Strong-Tie has developed the Quik Drive PRODW drywall system, a new, lightweight auto-feed screw driving system for drywall applications, expanding its Quik Drive product line. The light-weight tool body has enhanced durability and ergonomics so drywall installations can be completed more efficiently and cost-effectively. Quik Drive PRODW drywall system features a collated-screw feed mechanism for consistent and efficient screw delivery, a self-locking depth adjustment for accurate drive depth and a fully rotatable driver adapter for fastening in hard-to-get areas. Curved, collated strips hold screws away from the tool’s nose to prevent scratching or marring the surface of materials, and a hardened-steel feed pawl improves reliability. Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems allow one-handed operation for improved speed, safety and ease of use.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty the Quik Drive PRODW drywall system can be used for attaching drywall, DensGlass and other sheathing to wood or cold-formed steel and comes complete with PRODW drywall attachment, a collated-screw quiver and a Makita 4,000 rpm screwdriver motor. The PRODW drywall attachment is also sold separately. The PRODW is compatible with collated Simpson Strong-Tie DWF/DWFSD drywall-to-CFS screws and DWC/DWHL drywall screws.  

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