The EIFS Industry Members Association announced the achievement of several exciting membership milestones. After Arquitectonica was announced as EIMA’s 500th member in late 2017, 2018 quickly started with the addition to the membership of Master Wall, Inc., the manufacturer of exterior insulation and finish systems.

“The 500th member milestone was a great way to cap off 2017, which also represented the largest membership increase since 2013-2014” said Mike Murphy, the 2016/2018 president of EIMA and president of Dryvit Systems, Inc. “These increases were thanks in large part to the growing interest in EIFS by architects and contractors who want to join in advancing this amazing exterior wall cladding.”

EIMA’s Executive Director Dave Johnston, talks about the growth that Master Wall has added to the company for 2018.

“If it was possible to outdo 2017, Master Wall quickly kicked 2018 into high gear with its

EIMA membership. With membership continuing to grow, Master Wall’s addition reflects the renewed commitment to EIFS that is taking place across the EIFS industry by most of its  participants” said Johnston. “Master Wall, Inc. saw the importance of joining others in EIMA to advance EIFS, and its membership will certainly contribute to growing the EIFS industry and its markets.”