The Emerging Leaders program is a structured, rotating four-year course of study and activities that centers around four key partners in our association: Manufacturers, Distributors, Independent Representatives, and Contractors.

The program, which is designed to promote the growth of future industry leaders, is now open for applications.

The first meeting is May 14, 2018 at Rulon International’s facility and the second meeting will likely coincide with the CISCA Fall Conference. Sign up now to claim your spot!

The host of the May meeting may, at their discretion, subsidize some of the costs of the expenses for these meetings. The attendees will be responsible for the remainder of the other costs (travel, hotels, etc. as required). CISCA will help facilitate these arrangements and invoice for the costs.

The Emerging Leaders (EL) Program is based on a 4-year cycle and participants agree to participate in all 4 years. There will be TWO (2) in-person EL meetings each year.

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