The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters has released the third issue of The Digital Carpenter, a magazine featuring news and features on our issues, projects and Union Carpenters. To read The Digital Carpenter, please visit:

The 48-page magazine includes informative articles about:

  • Unions Under Attack: Union or non-union, all workers in the United States today should be concerned about the threat to their rights from a range of conservative sources. Read The Digital Carpenter’s cover story on pages 10-14 to learn more about the assault on the common man’s working rights, environmental/safety protections and civil liberties.
  • Payroll Tax Fraud Conference in Atlantic City: In November, NRCC President and New Jersey Regional Manager William Sproule spoke at the UBCJA Eastern District’s Payroll Fraud Conference on the Council’s assessment of how New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland are currently enforcing existing payroll fraud violations. Read more about the conference on page 15.
  • New York State Reciprocal Debarment Bill: On December 18, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law new reciprocal debarment legislation A8514/S6790 to amend labor and general municipal law, relating to reciprocity of debarments imposed under the federal Davis-Bacon Act. Read more on page 17 about how the bill will ensure that reputable construction companies are building projects in New York.
  • Right to Work Invades Delaware: In late 2017, Sussex County Delaware introduced a right to work ordinance that the Commonwealth’s Attorney General called unlawful. Read more on page 18 about right to work battles being fought in Sussex County and Seaford, DE.
  • Organizing campaign against ALDI stores: In towns throughout the Northeast, ALDI Corporation has hired a number of contractors to develop and redevelop its stores. These contractors hire carpentry subcontractors who pay their construction workers less than area standard wages and little to no health and retirement benefits. Read on page 21 what the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters is doing to shine a light on worker exploitation.
  • Sisters in the Brotherhood “Leading the Way” Conference: On April 13-15th, NRCC will host the first-ever Sisters in the Brotherhood “Leading the Way” Conference. The event will bring together more than 300 women carpenters, local organizations, NRCC staff and elected officials. Read about it on page 25.

Project Spotlights throughout our Council: From the Journal Square high rise in Jersey City, NJ to the Cricket Valley Energy Center in Dover Plains, NY, NRCC's Union Carpenters are working on some of the most major projects in our region. Read about these projects and others on pages 35-41.