Armstrong Ceiling Solutions introduced Axiom Indirect Field Light Coves, which are pre-engineered, extruded aluminum coves that integrate with a vertical drywall upturn to provide consistent, predictable lighting performance, and perfect integration with all Armstrong suspension systems.

The adjustable, new drywall leg eliminates the vertical break form leg on standard 
Axiom Indirect Light Coves and allows for field modification if unexpected field conditions arise. For example, if a 12" ceiling-to-ceiling light cove is specified, but field conditions dictate that an 11" ceiling-to-ceiling cove is needed, the drywall vertical leg of the cove can be field modified to adjust for this condition. The new light coves can also be cut to desired length in the field and are offered with a two-week lead time.

The product is available in either ceiling-to-ceiling or ceiling-to-wall profiles, and with either 4" Axiom Classic, Axiom Knife Edge Acoustical, or Axiom Knife Edge Drywall edge details, all with prefabricated corners. They are designed with a notched channel for use with compatible, pre-engineered light fixtures from three lighting partners — Axis Lighting, Vode Lighting and Litecontrol.