Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has introduced two new panelized torsion spring ceiling systems – MetalWorks Immix Linear Blades panels, which feature a monolithic or open reveal linear look, and MetalWorks Immix Blades panels with an open reveal linear look. Both lines install up to twice as fast as single blade or plank linear systems and provide 100 percent downward accessibility.

Immix Linear panels measure 24 inches x 96 inches and include multiple planks per panel. Standard configurations include nominal 4-inch-, 6-inch-, 8-inch-,10-inch- and 12-inch-wide planks with 1-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch heights.

Immix Blades panels also measure 24 inches x 96 inches and include multiple blades per panel. Standard configurations include 1-inch- and 2-inch-wide blades with 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch heights. Eleven designs with 70 percent or more open area are available to minimize sprinkler installation/material costs while achieving a less cluttered finished ceiling with an open aesthetic.

In both cases, mixing and matching panels with alternating plank or blade heights or widths produces a custom look without the custom process. All Immix panels have a consistent 1/8-inch reveal end-to-end. Reveals between blades and planks are equidistant panel-to-panel when using the same configuration.

Standard colors offered in both lines include Whitelume, Silverlume, Gun Metal and four MetalWorks Sequels wood-look finishes, including La Jolla Oak, New Haven Walnut, Cape May Cherry and Montauk Driftwood. Custom wood-look finishes and custom colors are also available.

Excellent Acoustical Performance

Black acoustical infill panels hide the plenum in both lines for a clean, finished installation and provide an NRC up to 0.95 or Armstrong Total Acoustics performance of NRC up to 0.85 and CAC up to 35. Both lines are offered as M1 unperforated or M15 perforated panels.

In terms of installation, panels in both lines are able to be field-cut while the torsion spring system provides downward accessibility to minimize damage and callbacks. Black support bars add durability and keep the panels aligned during installation.

Approved for use in all seismic zones, both systems are part of the Armstrong Sustain portfolio and meet the most stringent industry sustainability compliance standards today. MetalWorks Immix panels are included in the ever-growing Armstrong FAST134 Program and are ready to ship in four weeks or less. They are also part of the Armstrong CleanAssure family of disinfectable products to help make spaces cleaner and healthier.

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