Armstrong Ceiling Solutions has announced that it has teamed with 16 industry leaders in sound masking, lighting, heating, air distribution, fire control, virtual skylights, and luminous or alternative surfaces to provide solutions that integrate, work with, or complement Armstrong Ceiling Systems.


The new partnerships include nine lighting manufacturers that offer a myriad of lighting systems to meet a variety of applications. The new partners are ALW, AXIS Lighting, Focal Point, i2Systems, Inter-Lux, JLC-Tech, USAI Lighting, Vode Lighting, and XAL.


In addition to lighting manufacturers, other partnerships include sound masking systems from Cambridge Sound Management; air diffusers and chilled beams by Price Industries; flexible sprinkler connectors by FlexHead Industries; virtual skylights from CoeLux and Sky Factory; infrared heating panels by Radiant Electric Heaters; and luminous or alternative surfaces from CLIPSO Ceiling and Wall Systems.


Predictable Performance

By collaborating with leading manufacturers, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions is able to provide pre-engineered, easy-to-specify ceiling systems. The partnerships are designed to make it easier for architects, designers, and contractors, who design and install integrated ceilings increasingly, to find, specify, and build compatible, high-performance systems for their ceiling layouts with confidence.


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