Trends for building and construction materials are driven by ever-developing technology, changing demographics and increasing demands for attributes like energy efficiency, smart and healthy homes. To make the most of these advancements and a more educated consumer, building industry professionals have an opportunity to offer the latest innovations to their customers that can create a real competitive advantage and differentiation for their business. 

A simple way to innovate your product offering and educate consumers is to upgrade your drywall portfolio to a more solutions-based approach. Walls are a major part of any home and every wall is an opportunity to show consumers that you understand what they care about. There are many options to choose from. Is the owner part of an active family primarily interested in sturdy, durable walls that will stand up to lots of abuse? Or are they concerned about the healthiness of their indoor environment and want something that contributes to better indoor air quality? Or is it a multigenerational home where sound control is top of mind? No matter the primary focus of the homeowner, there are solutions with drywall that can suit their needs.

Healthy Home Solutions with Drywall

As awareness of indoor air quality has grown, so has the homebuyer demand for healthy living spaces. The past few decades have seen an abundance of research tying all manner of health issues to poor indoor air quality. While most typically think of industrial air pollution when they think of polluted air, the fact is there are more negative health impacts from the air that we breathe inside. 

According to the EPA, indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outside air. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to headaches, fatigue, concentration problems, allergies and asthma. For many, particularly those that suffer from allergies and asthma, it is very important to use products that do not contain harmful substances. Homebuyers know this and are making purchasing decisions based on interior health and safety.

Many common household products can emit harmful substances like formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. Imagine being able to offer a drywall product the actually removes some of the toxic substances from the air?  

Using patented technology, AirRenew is a drywall product that contributes a great deal to good indoor air quality of the home. The product actively works to absorb and remove harmful formaldehyde gas found circulating within the home. Once absorbed by the board, the formaldehyde is rendered inert and contained safely within the drywall. This helps improve overall indoor air quality and protects individuals and families from the negative health effects of excessive exposure to formaldehyde.

It has received GreenGuard Gold certification and has been validated by UL Environment. These products are a great addition to a builder or contractors’ toolbox and are very appealing to homebuyers looking for healthy homes solutions.

Sound Control Solutions with Drywall

Acoustic control is very important in creating a comfortable home. A quiet environment is considered a comfortable environment. Uncontrolled noise decreases concentration and can lead to increased levels of stress. In a home, noise comes from many places ranging from appliances like laundry or dishwashers, to entertainment centers and HVAC equipment. This is to say nothing of the noise generated by children, neighbors or other occupants of the house. Particularly in multigenerational homes, or houses where someone works in a home office, sound control can be very important. Having quiet spaces is important for concentration, comfort and quality of life.

For homeowners concerned with preserving peace and quiet, SilentFX Quick Cut noise-reducing drywall is designed to maintain tranquility in even the busiest of homes. It features a viscoelastic polymer between two specially formulated gypsum boards to significantly reduce noise between rooms. 

The product works within a range of wall systems. It scores, snaps and installs like standard drywall while outperforming traditional methods such as double-layer drywall, resilient channel or use of insulation alone—reducing airborne sound transmission between rooms up to 90 percent. In addition, it uses less material than other sound mitigation approaches, thus saving construction and material cost. 

With a sound transmission class rating of 50 or higher, the wall system is engineered to reduce sound transmission between rooms by up to 90 percent. This greatly improves resident satisfaction and helps create a more comfortable environment.

Durable Home Solutions with Drywall

Another factor on the mind of some homeowners is durability. Even under the best of circumstances, walls take plenty of abuse from day-to-day scrapes, bumps and collisions. Some wall systems can deteriorate quickly under these circumstances, leaving homeowners with the choice of paying for repairs or living with a damaged wall.

For homeowners with large, active families who generate more than their share of wear and tear, durability can be a big factor. For these folks, there are drywall products designed to weather a higher level of use.

Some products, such as Habito, a durability-focused wall solution combines the strength of plaster with the convenience of a modern day drywall. It has the impact resistance of a commercial grade 5/8-inch abuse board in a 1/2-inch product. Habito is strong enough to hold an incredible amount of up to 30 pounds on a single #10 wood screw. No predrilling, wall anchors or stud finders are required.

No Coat corners can be paired with Habito drywall for the ultimate durability system. No Coat corners feature a high strength co-polymer core that withstands severe impacts and eliminates corner cracks, chips and peels.

By knowing the types of wall systems available and understanding the priorities of consumers, smart builders and contractors can serve as a resource to help their customers create the kind of home that will lead to home buyer satisfaction, referrals and will help you build a reputation and competitive advantage for your business. Differentiate yourself and build your bottom line with high performance drywall solutions.