Barton Malow, a contractor in market specialties such as education, energy, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing and sports facilities, has selected Planbox as its Innovation Management solution.

Barton Malow plans to use Planbox Innovation Management system to manage its internal innovation program including idea collection and development, innovation activities and challenges as well as lessons learned and innovation-related videos. The program will be available to all 2,000+ Barton Malow employees across the US, Canada and Mexico. Planbox will be tightly integrated with our Barton Malow's internal Sharepoint sites to make it easy for employees to quickly access the company's innovation portal.

Barton Malow innovation team spent a couple of months comparing options. Planbox was selected as it was deemed to be a ready to go and flexible solution.

Barton Malow has been collecting employee innovation ideas for a long time, but those ideas are not well organized, transparent and reportable to the organization. By publishing all ideas into Planbox as a system of record for innovation and allowing everyone to have the visibility to see and discuss all the ideas, Barton Malow intends to energize its employees and increase their engagement in innovation.

"Planbox is our system of record for innovation management. We leverage the platform to develop and build our employees' ideas from concepts and insights into fully realized solutions," stated Daniel Stone, Innovation Leader at Barton Malow.