As the result of a recent series of acquisitions and mergers, Cowtown has expanded its influence in the vital and booming Dallas-Fort Worth-Amarillo-West Texas area. These include the acquisition of Contractors Choice Supply in Lubbock in August 2014, a merger with Dallas-based Longhorn Materials in October 2015, and most recently the acquisition of Southwestern Building Materials in Amarillo in December 2017.

“We have many customers that work across all of these areas, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to work with all of our locations,” said Russell Hughey, General Manager of Cowtown Materials. “That’s why Cowtown decided to rebrand all of its locations under the Cowtown name.”

The rebranding means more convenience for customers. In addition to filling out only one credit application, they can now remit payments at any location and access their information through a single Cowtown website,

With seven locations, Cowtown’s footprint encompasses North Texas and the Texas Panhandle and stretches from southwestern Oklahoma into eastern New Mexico. It offers a broad inventory of commercial, industrial and residential building products. The expansion allows Cowtown to optimize the deployment of its delivery fleet to best meet customer needs.

“We have always prided ourselves on our customer service and quality products,” Hughey said. “Now we can show more of Texas how we can provide on-time delivery of the right materials to any size project. We look forward to the opportunity to provide exceptional service to even more residential, commercial and industrial customers across Texas.”