Western Specialty Contractors’ Crystal Moyer has been promoted to senior national account program manager. She has been the national account manager for the past two years.

Due to the company’s restructuring of its marketing, business development and national account department into two main focuses – national account program and national account asset – each headed by a senior manager. Moyer will head the national account program and oversee a pair of national account managers.

Moyer and her team will focus on strategically identifying organizations they believe will be a good fit for national partnership and work with regional development teams to expand work with this client evenly across all branches, establish new accounts and manage the list of prospective accounts.

Additionally, the team will create and modify the department's approve/decline process for continual evaluation of accounts, identify and implement master service agreement options for accounts, and maintain and nurture the national contacts for each account.

Western launched its national account program in 2010 to provide property managers with a single-source for exterior repairs and restoration services on their nationwide facilities. Western has more than 30 branch locations to serve their clients' needs anywhere in the United States.

"What we are trying to do by restructuring our national account program is provide facility managers and owners with a single contact at Western to manage the building envelope maintenance on all of their facilities, no matter where they are in the country," said Moyer. "This way the process becomes more streamlined and efficient for the facility manager."