ExakTime, a digital time and attendance solutions supplier for construction and field services, has launched a comprehensive new digital media site for the construction industry.

FUEL is a multimedia news, education, and entertainment website for construction professionals, with content about construction-related legal, technology, health, and finance news and issues.

In addition to articles and features, FUEL’s free content includes slideshows, videos, and more. The site is optimized for mobile and tablet screens as well as for desktop reading.

“We want to provide the latest and greatest information to the important people who are building our cities, towns, and roads,” says Amy Bourne, ExakTime content supervisor. “Our content will always be accessible, informative, and entertaining, because we know how busy our readership is.”

FUEL publishes original reporting every week, as well as industry-related content from the Associated Press and other news outlets on a daily basis.

“It will be a go-to site for construction professionals to check every day and get everything from news to business and injury prevention tips, or even an interesting sports tidbit,” Bourne says.

ExakTime Vice President of Marketing Casey Powers says FUEL is a natural extension of the long-term relationship ExakTime has built with the construction industry and its base.

“We have close to 10,000 active customers, eighty percent of whom are in construction or construction-adjacent verticals,” Powers says. “Our founder was a contractor, so ExakTime has always had a first-hand relationship with construction, and knows its challenges.”

Readers can visit the site to view unlimited, daily-updated content or subscribe free of charge to the weekly newsletter to receive highlights of the original content they will find. Bourne notes that subscribers can also access free downloads like eBooks and infographics with tips on running a successful construction business.

“FUEL’s goal is to help boost the construction industry and increase the allure of the trades,” says Bourne. “With all the new technology available to construction now, and the tight labor market, the industry is at a crossroads. ExakTime would like to help see it through to a bright future.”

ExakTime is construction’s and field services’ #1-selling time and attendance system in North America. FUEL can be found at fuel.exaktime.com.