Columbia Southern University (CSU), a pioneer in online safety education, recently awarded its annual Outstanding Safety Professional of the Year Award to Tim Neubauer of Henderson, North Carolina.

The university received more than 170 nominations to receive the honor of Outstanding Safety Professional. The winner and runner-up were chosen by CSU occupational safety and health faculty members. Neubauer holds a bachelor's degree in occupational safety and health from CSU and is currently pursuing a master's degree.

"As a safety professional, you don't always see your impact until years later, and usually not in an open and direct manner such as an award like this," said Neubauer, who is a veteran safety professional within his own company in Raleigh, North Carolina. "The nomination by my peers and support by the faculty and staff at CSU showed me how much of an impact or influence I have had on those around me. I struggle for words to say how this has affected me, but it has confirmed to me that my safety efforts are seen, heard and have true value beyond what I think."

The award was established by the university to recognize National Safety Month, observed annually in June, and to celebrate its occupational safety and health students and graduates for their commitments to safety, professionalism and their accomplishments in the industry.

"Tim has been a dedicated safety professional for many years, working with both the National Safety Council and in developing and growing his consulting firm, Evolution Safety Resources," said Dan Corcoran, Ph.D., CSU's academic program director for occupational safety and health and environmental programs. "He is a lifelong learner and encourages personal and professional development to those around him."

The runner-up for the award was Mark Donnald of Redondo Beach, California. An Army veteran, Donnald is a safety health official for a military construction company who is pursuing a bachelor's degree in occupational safety and health.

CSU is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The Orange Beach, Alabama, university has held occupational safety and health at the core of its academic focus since its inception in 1993.