Built in 1976, Georgia King Village in Newark, N.J., was in need of a makeover. The owners, L+M Development Partners, acquired the two 18-story affordable housing towers in July 2016. The complex was in distress needing various improvements to both individual units and the structural integrity. Rehab priorities included installing a new facade, envelope, and exterior to replace the uninsulated precast concrete facade. Heat and cold were leaking through the walls, and livable temperatures could not be properly maintained. As a result, the Georgia King Village residents were suffering.

L+M Development set out to give the property a leg up, while preserving its affordability. Their goal was to transform the buildings and give residents homes they could take pride in. L+M aimed to make the Georgia King Village apartments more efficient, more comfortable, and more attractive, with a fresh new design and structural improvements. They eventually accomplished just that.

L+M Development had worked with Sto Corp. on several projects over the years, including other affordable housing complexes in the New York and New Jersey area. Knowing how products could upgrade the tower’s building envelope, they chose StoTherm ci Essence. It is a system that combines StoTherm technology with a StoGuard waterproof air barrier with air, water, and vapor control layers for protection against moisture intrusion.

Effective Installation Methods

Sto TurboStick, a relatively new product, was also used to improve the speed and efficiency of installation. The product is a ready-to-use, single component foam adhesive, for securing insulation boards in the exterior wall claddings. It helps workers install the boards faster and easier than traditional adhesives. 

“We wanted to again bring high-end products like the StoTherm system to this project so we could make a positive impact for the people who live there by improving not only the comfort level for residents but also the appearance of the towers,” said Elli Himelstein, Project Manager with L+M Development. “We’ve worked with Sto numerous times and we have confidence in their products, expertise and support.”

Hard Work Pays Off

It was not an easy project. With eight facades, multiple drops, and a difficult design pattern to follow (along with losing a couple of months to inclement weather), it was a challenging, yet rewarding endeavor.

The reward is that residents of Georgia King Village were able to remain in their apartments for the duration of these improvements and installation. At first the residents were justifiably hesitant about the process and system, so the onsite property management team was able to ally fears in a presentation for residents. This presentation detailed all aspects and was able to address any questions or concerns. A technical representative from the EIFS manufacturer was onsite to explain the recladding system and construction process, walking residents through the installment timeline which included a vision of the final result. Ultimately, the system would be more energy efficient, and their homes would be more comfortable and attractive. 

AA Construction out of South River, New Jersey, was the applicator on the project, with Luke Sugerek and his crew working efficiently, and in an orderly fashion. The company has collaborated with L+M and Sto in the past, which made the schedule go that much more smoothly. 

The Residential Complex as a Symbolic Cornerstone

The makeover marks the official re-emergence of the residential complex as a symbolic cornerstone in Newark’s West Ward. Today, the positive changes continue. In fact, the McDonald’s adjacent to Georgia King Village recently renewed its facade and landscaping, and when choosing the wall color, asked L+M for the shade they had used for their renewal project. The multi-national location liked it so much that they matched the Georgia King Village facade’s gray in their renovations.