Heavy-duty Hammer

Bon Tool Co. 

The Heavy Duty BHTC Hammer Tacker features durable all-steel construction and a non-slip, ergonomically styled and padded handle grip. A built-in buffer plate protects the work piece from damage. The tacker is used for multiple applications including roofing, insulation, stucco/lath and carpet installation. Its light-weight and single hand function makes the Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker easy to use for quick staple application. The tacker has spring load staple feed for staples sized 1/4 to 9/16 inch. The company also manufactures a Pro-Quality B19 Hammer Tacker which is a light-duty tacker that accommodates smaller staples sized 1/4 to 3/8 inch. For more information, visit bontool.com.


Moisture-/Mold-resistant Panel

USG Corp.

The company has released its lightweight and sustainable 5/8-inch Type X gypsum wallboard with moisture- and mold-resistant properties: USG Sheetrock Brand EcoSmart Panels Mold Tough Firecode X. The panels are manufactured with a reduced carbon footprint and lower water usage. The panels, developed to meet the demand for more sustainable building materials, feature the company’s proprietary lightweight gypsum core technology that contractors prefer, and are the only 5/8-inch Type X moisture- and mold-resistant panels to meet the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Products. Through new gypsum core chemistries and manufacturing processes, the panels use up to 15 percent less water and have up to 11 percent less global warming potential. These panels also reduce transportation fossil fuel consumption because they are lighter weight. For more information, visit usg.com.


Ergonomic Reciprocating Saw


The 13 AMP Reciprocating Saw features the patented Buzzkill Technology, stopping vibration dead in its tracks and suppressing vibration up to 35 percent better than others. That means comfortable, controlled cuts that won’t wear out the work or the tool. Users will feel the difference with the first pull of the trigger. Thirteen amps of company power quickly shreds through even the toughest materials. The variable-speed trigger puts the workers in control, no matter what is being cut. For more information, visit skilsaw.com.


Compact Heat Gun

Milwaukee Tool

The M18 Compact Heat Gun is an 18-volt to that reaches an operational temperature 30 percent faster than corded. The portability advantages of the system with a compact profile, the heat gun offers strong productivity to the user. Altogether, the power of cordless, the high performance heating coil, and the compact size allow users to heat connections quickly. When equipped with an M18 RedLithium XC5.0 Battery Pack, the tool delivers more than 40 heat shrink connections on one charge, easily getting many users through a full day of work. This battery also acts as a base so users can easily stand the tool up or utilize the on tool ladder hook to hang the tool between applications. For added utility, the guarded nozzle increases protection for work surfaces. For more information, visit milwaukeetool.com.