The September Product Focus features EIFS and stucco products from QUIKRETE, Flannery Inc., and more.

Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco


The company has released Lightweight Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco. A Portland cement-based plaster blended with recycled, coated EPS beads, uniformly graded sand, and alkali-resistant glass fibers, the product is 35 percent lighter than traditional pre-blended stuccos. In addition, it is one-hour fire rated and contributes to LEED credits. Ideal for expediting any residential, commercial or industrial stucco project, the stucco is available in 50-pound bags and 1,950-pound bulk bags that can be troweled or spray applied on traditional three coat scratch, brown and finish systems from 3/8 inch to 7/8 inch as well as one coat systems. One 50-pound bag yields the equivalent coverage area of a traditional 80-pound bag of pre-blended stucco. For more information, visit


Plaster/EIFS Trims

Flannery Inc.

Aluminum Plaster and EIFS Trims create an aesthetic reveal in any stucco wall system. Plaster Trims break up the stucco walls by creating horizontal, vertical and corner reveal lines. Direct Application EIFS and Smooth Finish EIFS Vents are ventilated trims that can be inserted into a soffit application. The trims come in a number of depths and shapes for different stucco and EIFS systems for just the right design look. For more information, visit


Water-drainage EIF System

BASF Corp.

Finestone Pebbletex CI-DCA is a water-drainage polymer-based EIFS incorporating vertical drainage channels and an air/water-resistive barrier. The product handles air and water with a Finestop fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier. Per ASTM E2273, the system provides 99 percent drainage efficiency. Other aspects of air/water-resistive barrier code compliance are confirmed by testing performed according to ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC 212. Its adhesively fastened continuous exterior insulation reliably moves the dew point outside of the drainage plane. Since lintels and mechanical fasteners are not needed, thermal bridges are practically eliminated. The product has demonstrated compliance with NFPA 285 and 268, and does not affect the performance of a fire-rated wall assembly, tested per ASTM E119. For more information, visit


Elastomeric Waterproof Membrane

Parex USA

WeatherSeal Spray & Roll-On is a ready-to-use, 100-percent acrylic elastomeric waterproof membrane and air barrier that can be rolled, brushed or spray applied. It can be used to treat wall joints and flash rough openings with the use of embedded fabric. It is extremely flexible as it can bridge cracks and accommodate small movements up to 1/32 inch (.8 mm). The product is code approved for use under EIFS, stucco or any code approved cladding (ESR 2045) and is an ABAA certified air barrier designed to maximize energy efficiency. For more information, visit


Specialty Finishes for EIFS


The company’s Specialty Finishes offer architects and building owners exterior cladding choices that emulate natural stone and metal finishes with valuable high-performance attributes including durability and color retention. As a light-weight cladding, they reduce structural demands on the façade and are ideal over EIFS, stone, masonry, stucco, wood, and primed metal. For more information, visit


CI Finish Systems

Master Wall

Continuous Insulation Finish Systems offer simplified, streamlined design, detailing, and installation for architects and contractors. Unique products render multiple cladding designs, such as wood, brick, metal, limestone, granite and stone all in an all-inclusive, NFPA 285 tested assembly. All CIFS installations include the company’s SuperiorShield, an ABAA evaluated, fluid-applied AMB. Other integrated benefits include drainage, continuous insulation, reinforcement, and Durotone high-performance pigments. For more information, visit


Thin Veneer Adhesion Mortar


The company’s Thin Veneer Adhesion Mortar XP500 is a thin set adhesive designed specifically for masonry craftsmen. It is a stand-alone cementitious product engineered to adhere thin cut natural stone and manufactured masonry veneer units. Formulated with high performance additives that mitigate sagging, maximize jobsite productivity and yield shear bond strengths that exceed the requirements of ANSI A118.15. The masonry veneer adhesive is rigorously tested to meet building code and performance standards, and is backed by 15- and 25-year warranties. For more information, visit SPECMIX.COM


Coating for Stucco and EIFS


The company’s ReNew provides maximum crack bridging abilities to enhance stucco and EIFS claddings. This breathable elastomeric acrylic coating applies like typical paint; its performance exceeds a standard latex product. This durable membrane offers strong color retention, extended service life and enhanced dirt pick-up resistance. It is specifically formulated to bridge cracks in stucco and restore existing EIFS/acrylic finishes back to their original condition. The product is manufactured using the company’s finish formulation absent the aggregate such that it can be applied like paint. For more information, visit


Adhesive Delivery System

Sto Corp.

TurboStick Mini is an ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact adhesive delivery system with terrific advantages over traditional cement-based adhesives. The Mini version of TurboStick now gives applicators a choice of two convenient sizes—either cartridge or cylinder—when applying the company’s ready-to-use, single component adhesive for installing insulation boards in exterior wall claddings like StoTherm ci and ci XPS. The product is easy to use and offers the fastest application of any adhesive, cutting the cure time from a full day to just a single hour. The cartridge weighs just 26.3 ounces and covers 110 to 130 square feet. For more information, visit


Compact and Portable Pump

Graco Inc.

ToughTek CM20 continuous mixer is part of the ToughTek family of mortar pumps and mixers, offering contractors a portable, more economical approach to continuous mixing. This continuous mixer is rated for a standard 120-volt outlet, allowing contractors to use the system on nearly any job site. The mixer features simplified controls, with only an on/off toggle switch and adjustable needle valve that maintains constant water flow throughout the day. Compared to other continuous mixers, the machine is lightweight and portable, but can still hold up to three 80-pound bags of pre-blended stucco. In addition, the molded mixing section and multiple latches make disassembly for cleaning and transport easier. To learn more, visit