HPIP is wrapping up its 2018 Training Workshops. On October 24th, HPIP and Long Beach Job Corps will co-host our final workshop and employer-matching event in California. This training event is based on our pilot event that occurred in Dallas, TX last month, where nearly 30 students attended the job fair style event in to receive high performance training from some of the top instructors in the industry. We were joined by instructors from Knauf Insulation, Owens Corning, CertainTeed Machine Works, and IDI. Following the training sessions, students had the opportunity to interview with local contractors, USI Champion Insulation and Allied Insulation to get a sense of what they are looking for in employees. Once students complete their Job Corps training they will be ready for hire by industry professionals and begin the first of many steps towards closing the labor shortage gap.


“Getting to talk to all of the instructors and different people that HPIP had brought out to us was really inspirational because almost no one had said, ‘This is what I set out to do with my life’ but instead, ‘I started over here and now I’m here’ and it really put into perspective for me how far working your way up will get you when you start low and work hard.” – N. TX Job Corps Student


Long Beach is ready to connect entry-level trained workers with employers. Nationwide, HPIP has worked with the Department of Labor to train nearly 1,500 workers with our entry-level certificate To become part of the high performance family and solve your labor shortage, register at www.hpipros.org/california-training


We encourage all California employers to take advantage of this great opportunity as we continue to work to shrink the labor shortage gap. This event is open to all contractors, regardless of location.


If your company is interested in sending a hiring authority to this event, please call or email Kristin Bennett at 605-949-2427 or kristin@hpipros.org.


Register for the Long Beach Training Here