Home Builders Institute (HBI) Board of Trustees Chairman George Hess announced that Illinois Home Builder and Developer Ed Brady will lead HBI as its new president and CEO.


“The HBI Board of Trustees is looking forward to working with Ed as we continue working toward HBI’s goal to diversify its partnerships and expand programs that will prepare individuals for careers in the building industry,” Hess stated.


With nearly 30 years in the building industry, Brady brings to HBI decades of experience leading a multi-million-dollar home building company, serving as director of the Chicago Federal Home Loan Bank and working with experts to advance the nation’s housing policy. Brady has also served as a senior officer with the National Association of Home Builders and as the 2016 chairman of the board of directors.


 “I plan to use my experience to advance opportunities to train and place skilled workers in the residential construction industry. As president and CEO, I will tap into my relationships, means and personal drive to solicit and collaborate with corporate executives while maintaining our federal, state and local relationships to build and sustain continuous funding,” Brady explained.


Retiring HBI President and CEO John Courson is stepping down after seven years at the helm. During his tenure, Courson helped position HBI as a national leader for career technical training in the building industry by expanding partnerships and funding.


“It has been truly rewarding to travel to HBI’s training programs and see how we are building careers and changing lives of students across the country. I am excited about the future of HBI under Ed’s leadership and I am confident that HBI will continue to remain true to its mission to advance and provide education, career development, training and placement of men and women serving the building industry,” said Courson.