Highlighting our full line of the finest Premium ergonomic drywall finishing and painters tools available to North and Central America including:


  • Premium INOX German stainless steel finishing blades and knives bring the absolute best finish in the industry
  • Premium SuperFLEX and BERO-Grip drywall finishing blades - 10x more contact area for a superior finish
  • Joint knives, corner & premium finishing trowels - unique 5mm curve trowel design eliminates the need for sanding
  • Dustless sanding system that eliminates breakdowns
  • Floats, rasps, scoops, Foam Bond 60, Tajima drywall blades and much more


Download our First Edition catalog online @ www.BEROXpertNorthAmerica.com


You can also give Craig and the Team at BEROXpert North America a call today at 770.710.0927 or by email at sales-usa@beroxpert.com and we’ll mail you a hard copy. Watch your mailbox for your copy of our catalog.


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