The 3" and 6" Mini Mixing paddle for drywall mud, paint, or cement is a great new tool. Drywall installers and painters enjoy having one tool that can be used in any type of gun for fast mixing and stirring. The mini mixing paddle from Dan-O Tools is the only mixing paddle that can be used in all drills, and guns due to its hex head shaft with a chamfered ball groove. All others require that you switch to a drill and that is not the tool that you are usually using so that wastes time and time is money!


The mini mixing paddle is an excellent tool with a built-in paint can opener built right into the shaft. This makes it a multi-use tool that keeps the tool bag light. The Dan-O mini mixing paddles have a durable nylon coating that cleans up easily.


The Dan-O mini mixing paddle comes in either 6" which is great for gallon containers and buckets, or the 3" that fits quart cans and mud pans. One tool that fits any type of drill or gun and opens paint cans will save you time and money.


Dan-O Tools is located in Saginaw Michigan. Tools are designed by Dan Raymond a veteran in the drywall business. Dan is especially proud to say that all Dan-O Tools are made and shipped in the U.S.A. and are construction grade.