Simpson Strong-Tie launched the High-Performance Solutions for High-Wind Forces online resource center to provide contractors, inspectors, specifiers and homeowners with customized resources for safeguarding the structural integrity of homes and buildings during hurricanes, tornadoes, and other high-wind events.


In tandem with the launch of the high-wind resource center, Simpson Strong-Tie debuted Surviving a Hurricane: A Hurricane Resistant Construction Solution, a new video showcasing how Florida homes built to withstand high winds were left unscathed by Hurricane Michael while neighboring houses not built to these same standards were in many cases completely destroyed. With winds peaking at 155 mph, the Category 4 hurricane was emblematic of the forces tropical storms can exert on buildings, while extreme tornadoes can achieve even higher wind speeds, sometimes beyond 300 mph.


From breaking news and videos to technical notes and installation guides for connectors and fasteners, along with links to webinars, CEU courses, and real-world training seminars, the high-wind resource center offers four different portals tailored respectively to contractors, inspectors, specifiers and homeowners looking for the latest high-wind information and construction guidance.


“In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael and other high-wind events, contractors and homeowners are looking for solutions to help protect homes from the damage wrought by these often tragic natural disasters,” says Simpson Strong-Tie engineering manager Bryan Wert. “We’re launching the High-Performance Solutions for High-Wind Forces resource center to compile critical information to help the construction community build with the best and prepare for nature’s worst.”


Incorporated directly into the Simpson Strong-Tie website, the high-wind resource center is available to everyone and has been optimized for viewing on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.


For more information, please visit the High-Performance Solutions for High-Wind Forces resource center at