The May 2019 Toolbox features a selection of tools for walls and ceilings contractors from manufacturers like Johns Manville, Sto Corp., and more.

Noncombustible Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Johns Manville

Cavity-SHIELD is a noncombustible fiberglass batt insulation product that offers passive fire and smoke protection, as well as provides an alternative insulation solution for multi-family housing projects, and when installed per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13, eliminates the need for sprinkler systems, which can save time and money and mitigate long-term maintenance and water leaks. For more information, visit


Touchscreen Work Gloves

Ironclad Performance Wear

The Command Series incorporates cutting-edge nanoparticle technology to create highly durable touchscreen work gloves. Unlike common coated touchscreen fabrics, which lose conductivity easily, Ironclad infused their abrasion resistant synthetic leather with conductive carbon ions. The result is permanent conductivity throughout the synthetic leather—with touchscreen capability that will not wear out for the life of the gloves. The line is comprised of 18 touchscreen gloves, built to withstand heavy duty work environments. The series utilizes four different glove chassis. For more information, visit


Rainscreen Cladding System

Sto Corp.

StoVentec ventilated rainscreen cladding system provides designers with a range of aesthetic choices and the ability to achieve distinctive looks for building façades coupled with the highly-engineered performance characteristics. StoVentec Glass is an elegant design solution comprised of glass-faced composite panels, thermal insulation and robust sub-construction. Manufactured individually, the panels come in a wide variety of shapes and an impressive range of custom colors. The colors are fused into the glass so that the panels will not wear, scratch, fade or incur water damage. Widely adopted in Europe, StoVentec Glass works well as either an external cladding with the sheen of a reflective surface or as an internal decorative option for lobbies, elevator banks and branded entranceways. For more information, visit


Fastening Tool

Simpson Strong-Tie

With a reach exceeding 43 inches, the Quik Stik installation tool can eliminate the need for ladders and replace heavy pneumatic power nailers and compressor lines and the jobsite hazards and injuries they pose. Simply attach the Quik Stik to any corded or cordless drill or impact driver, load a Strong-Drive SDWC Truss screw into the head, and drive the screw quickly, accurately, and easily. The tool fastens a variety of installations via the narrow face of stud through the top plate; via the wide face of the stud through the top plate; and into trusses or rafters offset from the stud. To provide maximum stability and ensure fast, efficient drives, the Quik Stik has a nylon overmolded head with positioning prongs and angle guidelines for a secure grip on the top plate and accurate orientation of the screw. Designed for use with any drill motor or impact driver. For more information, visit


Drainable Wrap

TYPAR Drainable Wrap

TYPAR Drainable Wrap has the ability to shed more bulk water than traditional house wraps through the added efficiency of an integrated drainage plane. The science behind TYPAR Drainable Wrap is a layer of multi-directional polypropylene fibers that diverts bulk water from exterior wall cavities and drains it away from the assembly, preventing the potential damage caused by mold and rot. As part of the company’s Weather Protection System, the drainable wrap is covered by an industry-leading lifetime-limited warranty that includes both materials and labor. For more information, visit