Simpson Strong-Tie has secured code listing for its high-performance BTH brick tie, a first-of-its-kind, cost-effective solution for connecting stone and brick masonry veneers to light-frame construction across spans of two to three inches.

Introduced in August 2018, the BTH brick tie has been a significant innovation, helping contractors and homebuilders meet the ever-increasing spacing requirements of modern, high-performance residential wall systems. The BTH is fabricated from 22-gauge galvanized steel, and is designed to provide the flexibility needed to span wider airspaces between veneer and framing.

To secure code listing for the BTH, Simpson Strong-Tie worked with the International Code Council Evaluations Services and industry stakeholders to develop testing guidelines for this innovative and emerging product category. Code listing for the BTH was approved on June 29.

“Until now, builders were challenged with finding an answer to the increased spacing requirements in the wall cavity while still meeting code,” says Sam Hensen, vice president of connectors and lateral systems for Simpson Strong-Tie. “The BTH is a first-of-its-kind, high-performance solution allowing contractors to build the way they want to build with code-listed confidence and without breaking the bank.”

The BTH is field-adjustable in two places and can be installed with either side facing up, providing strength and versatility across varied jobsite conditions and offering labor-stressed contactors a fast and simple solution. Additional BTH brick tie features and benefits include:

  • Embossments supply added strength when connecting wood framing and veneer across wider airspaces
  • Holes at the end of the tie provide strength in the mortar with a minimum of 1½" embedment
  • Dual field-bendable zones allow for easy adjustment to airspaces within the 2"–3" range

For more information about the BTH high-performance brick tie, including spacing tables and design schematics, visit