This year Milwaukee Tool is taking tape measures to the next level with the introduction of redesigned Stud Tape Measures, new Wide Blade Tape Measures, and new Compact Tape Measures. These new tapes will deliver best-in-class blade standout, reaching up to 14 feet, and enhanced durability.

“In 2012, Milwaukee brought innovation to tape measures with key user-specific features: a patented-finger stop design, two-sided printing with blueprint scale, magnetic hooks, and special attention to housing durability with the 5-point reinforced frame. With each new tape measure, we’ve worked with users to understand their frustrations and maintained our focus on incorporating game-changing innovations,” said Caitlyn Kelleher, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “This year marks our biggest year yet—as we introduce a range of new tape measures with leading feature sets, enhanced durability, and best-in-class standout.”

Stud Tape Measures

Equipped with custom internal gearing, the new generation of Stud Tape Measures utilize a smaller spring to reduce size and allow for a more compact, comfortable, and ergonomic fit in your hand. This new-to-world design allows for an optimized spring to control blade retraction speed, minimizing whip. Now delivering best-in-class standout, these tapes reach up to 14 feet of standout for extended reach and efficient measuring. Cutting-edge EXO360 Blade Technology protects the tape’s blade from ripping and wearing. This strong, high-density nylon coating wraps 360° around the blade, ensuring a blade that is abrasion-resistant and can withstand continuous use – giving the Stud the longest-lasting blade on the market.

This technology combined with a fully reinforced frame that can survive an 80’ drop makes Stud the most durable tape measure in the industry. These tape measures will come complete with a Finger Stop for controlled blade retraction and 2-sided blade printing for increased readability. Stud Tape Measures will now be offered in more sizes, including a 25’ magnetic option.