Delegates to the OPCMIA’s 52nd Convention unanimously re-elected General President Daniel Stepano, General Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Sexton, Executive Vice President Todd Lair, Vice President Richard Bailey, Vice President Michael Hubler, Vice President Doug Taylor and Vice President Rob Mason. They also unanimously elected Christian Feller as Vice President, replacing Richard Wassill, who retired.

The vote reflected the delegates’ strong affirmation of the direction General President Stepano has set for the union: one that embraces change and new technologies, commits the OPCMIA to more aggressive organizing and political action, and strategically markets the members’ unparalleled expertise in their crafts to expand work opportunities and market share.

“Now more than ever, we need to face the hard truths and take the difficult steps and cast our differences aside, no matter what they are, in order to work together with each other, to collaborate and communicate effectively with each other,” General President Stepano said. “Solidarity is imperative if we want to make a difference, if we want to lift the lives of others to see a brighter future.

“I’m grateful for the trust our delegates placed in our entire leadership team,” he said. “Working together, with member activism at the core, we are building a progressive union with the potential to thrive in the future.”