The TapeTech Mobile Wash Station, Model MWS01TT, is the first truly portable jobsite washing solution. Quickly and easily clean Automatic Taping & Finishing Tools, painting equipment and more using just a standard bucket of clean water. No running water necessary!

Powered by SHURflo, a world leader in industrial pumps, the Mobile Wash Station circulates the water, creating the optimal pressure to clean the tools. The folding legs open or close with just one hand and provide the ideal working height. No more washing tools on your knees in a bucket or in the dirt. Weighing just 34 pounds, the Mobile Wash Station is easily moved from the vehicle to the jobsite, or from floor to floor, by one person.

Avoid environmental consequences or costly fines from local, regional or state EPA and water resource agencies. The TapeTech Mobile Wash Station prevents washout from drains and soil, allowing proper drying and disposal of potentially harmful materials. UL Certified.

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