The November Buzz Guide features products from a variety of brands in the construction industry, including selections from the following:

  • ULTRA-LATH® PLUS Plastic Lath NOW in 6 inch strips
  • RENEW—Breathable Elastomeric Coating
  • New Fast Edge & Fast Edge Paper
  • Beautify & Protect (Almost) Anything With Tuff II
  • FutureFlash®—The Perfect Waterproofing System
  • New Coil Air Tool Driven Track Ballistic Hardened Pins
  • ClarkDietrich Strait-Flex® Gold
  • New Fast Edge® & Fast Edge® Paper
  • Carrousel® Pump® and U-Blend Mixer®
  • Products Preferred by Professionals Who Never Settle
  • Dust-Free Sanding System
  • Architectural Interior Walls Systems
  • ClarkDietrich Sound Clip™
  • Deflection Clip Line Expanded
  • Stockton Products™ introduces the new “Finish Rite™” plaster trim designs

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