The SMA on-line training program is still underway. They have contracted with a professional firm for translation into Spanish. The program will be released before 2020 arrives. Some contractors have expressed concerns about the program. Contractor members are invited to participate in the review of the program. In fact, they strongly encourage more feedback. This is a national program and tries to include all regions and be inclusive of regional differences. The cost of the program has not been finalized by the board of directors, but they are well aware it must be affordable to all. The thought to provide the class for free is still on the table. However, if certification is desired, the workload would be substantial for the SMA and added staff would need to be paid. The intent of the program is to ensure the installers “do no harm” when installing lath and stucco. Stucco is an excellent cladding when installed with basic care and understanding of the system.

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