Historic Plaster Conservation Services USA (HPCS) announced that John Canning Co. will employ the HPCS methods and packaged products in all its future plaster conservation and repair work.

HPCS specializes in architectural plaster conservation, specifically in the assessment and treatment of systemic or chronic deterioration of fragile plaster in historic or heritage buildings. The HPCS methods of plaster assessment allow those responsible for the building to gain a genuine understanding of where the plaster is in its useful service life.

HPCS has also developed its own packaged products to consolidate, reinforce and/or stabilize plain-face vernacular plaster as well ornately embellished and cast plaster. With a 100% track record of success, the HPCS treatment methods and products have saved original plaster of all types in more than 300 landmark and/or historic buildings over the past 30 years.

“The HPCS team is delighted to have John Canning Co. on board as an approved installer of our products,” said Neal Mednick of HPCS. “John Canning Co. and its impeccable reputation will help spread the word about the high quality of the entire HPCS product line.”

Historic Plaster Conservation Services (HPCS · www.historicplaster.com) was formed in 1988 to pursue opportunities in the very specific field of architectural plaster conservation. HPCS addresses and repairs systemic deterioration and structural problems of fragile plaster in historic buildings. We address the problem at its root – where the plaster meets its substrate.