Benjamin Obdyke, Inc., recognized for its line of high performance roof and wall products including Roll Vent, Cedar Breather and Slicker Rainscreen, recently broadened its partnership with Manufacturers Reserve Supply (MRS). Beginning in January 2020, MRS will offer the full Benjamin Obdyke product line, including the flagship product, HydroGap drainable housewrap, to the mid-Atlantic market.

“We are excited to deepen our already twenty year relationship with Benjamin Obdyke,” said Brian Boyd, President. “MRS and Benjamin Obdyke both have a passion for educating on better building practices and use of high-quality materials. We are aligned in our vision and eager to tell the “Build Better” story through our partnership. Our company is particularly excited about providing access to performance-leading products, like HydroGap, that Benjamin Obdyke provides.”

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap is the best performing drainable housewrap on the market. Available in 5-foot by 100-foot rolls, HydroGap provides true drainage versus other housewraps. HydroGap allows water to drain away from the wall in seconds, eliminating the propensity for water to go into thousands of nail holes, flashing details and other penetration points to cause damage.

In addition to superior drainage performance, HydroGap offers an unmatched system warranty that guarantees quality and performance for 15 years. HydroGap offers a way for dealers and builders to differentiate themselves, by allowing them to provide a superior protection system and peace-of-mind for home and building owners.

HydroGap and the full Benjamin Obdyke product line will be available through Manufacturers Reserve Supply in January.