Canadian homebuilders in Ontario will now have access to Benjamin Obdyke Inc.'s flagship product, HydroGap drainable housewrap, through Nicholson and Cates Limited.

Designed for custom residential homebuilders and large volume production projects, HydroGap Drainable Housewrap received certification from the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) earlier this year for housewrap standards. HydroGap allows water to drain away from walls in seconds, eliminating the propensity for water to go into thousands of nail holes, flashing details and other penetration points to cause damage.

“Speed of installation is absolutely crucial for production and new home builders. We are always looking for ways to help our customers build better and develop quality, compliant solutions for every project,” said Shawn Pilon, marketing manager at Nicholson and Cates. “We know our current customers will love working with HydroGap and we are excited to introduce HydroGap to the Ontario market to allow for more efficient and durable building practices.”

As the need for new code requirements is being recognized throughout Canada, Benjamin Obdyke prioritizes improved recommendations for drainable housewraps in its technical bulletins and installation guides. Benjamin Obdyke recognizes the growing need for protection against extreme weather conditions as well as the need to address changing building codes and practices. This is why HydroGap offers a system warranty that guarantees quality and performance for 15 years.

HydroGap is available in 5-foot by 100-foot rolls. For more information about HydroGap or other Benjamin Obdyke products, visit or