National Gypsum Co. has introduced SoundBook 2.0, a comprehensive resource for technical information and detailed architectural drawings of sound-rated assemblies for architects and contractors seeking to achieve required sound transmission class ratings on their projects.

The 116-page volume includes details and drawings of 310 sound-rated assemblies for both steel and wood stud construction, as well as for floor-ceiling applications. The book also features acoustical terms, concepts and proper installation methods for optimal sound control. The original SoundBook, published in 2015, weighed in at 72 pages and 165 drawings.

Evolving design and construction trends, building code changes and new product introductions have added to the challenges of selecting the proper materials, assemblies and installation methods to meet target sound ratings.

“Acoustical performance is one of the most popular topics covered by our Construction Services Team,” said John Bianchi, gypsum product manager for National Gypsum. “With the market’s increased focus on sound control, the book has nearly doubled in size while offering simplified details highlighting the products used to build each assembly and its real-world performance.”

National Gypsum’s goal in publishing SoundBook 2.0 is to provide architects, contractors and others involved in specifying products the most current information and illustrations available today on sound-rated wall, ceiling and floor assemblies.

The guide was developed by National Gypsum’s 1-800-NATIONAL Construction Services Team.