International Fireproof Technology Inc., an Irvine, Calif.-based manufacturer of fire protective coatings, announced that its DC315 coating was recently tested to and passed the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association 285 Standard applied over spray foam with aluminum cladding.

Testing conducted by Underwriters Laboratory fire labs in Northbrook, Ill., evaluated  DC315 intumescent coating, with protective topcoat, applied over Carlisle SealTite Pro Closed Cell spray foam with an aluminum cladding and concluded the wall assembly utilizing IFTI’s DC315 met the acceptance criteria stated in the NFPA 285 standard and is Certified under UL File R40016.

The NFPA 285 test provides a method of determining the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies/panels. The test is intended to evaluate the inclusion of combustible components within wall assemblies/panels of buildings that are required to be of non-combustible construction.

“This is a significant breakthrough for our DC315 Intumescent Coating,” said Brad Glazier, technical director for IFTI, “it means our coating can effectively satisfy IBC requirements for use of spray foam on exterior building walls of any height and expands the use of spray foam insulation in continuous insulation applications by providing designers with extended architectural cladding options beyond masonry.

“With the push for continuous insulation growing among code enforcement authorities, we expect our NFPA 285 designation to increase demand for spray foam insulation and our DC315 coating.”

Glazier adds DC315 intumescent coating is the most tested and approved coating to provide Code required thermal and ignition barrier fire protection of SPF insulation. Code Compliance evaluated under ICC-ESR 3702 and now UL Certified UL File R40016, DC315 is the clear choice for specifiers, designers and code officials to meet today’s demands on fire performance.

For more information on DC315 or reports on the NFPA 285 test, please contact IFTI at 949-975-8588 or email DC315 can be found online at