Johns Manville (JM), a Berkshire Hathaway company and leading building products manufacturer announced the launch of JM CladStone 110 and JM CladStone 80. With this release, JM now offers a full line of product densities on its exterior commercial mineral wool insulation, JM CladStone Water & Fire Block. The insulation is offered in densities ranging from 4.5 pcf to 11.0 pcf, making it ideal for use in a variety of exterior cavity wall, rainscreen, and continuous insulation applications.

Johns Manville’s Commercial Mineral Wool Product Manager Eric Dake explained that the varying densities of JM CladStone are a crucial component for many installers. “JM CladStone mineral wool is a great material for insulating commercial buildings,” Dake said.

“Given the array of installation applications, from the exterior cavity wall to continuous insulation, installers need insulation in a variety of densities so that it can meet the unique demands of the application and installation. With JM CladStone, installers can choose from four different densities, 4.5 pcf, 6.0 pcf, 8.0 pcf, or 11.0 pcf, that work with a variety of exterior cladding systems,” he said.

The latest release of JM CladStone 80 (8.0 pcf) and JM CladStone 110 (11.0 pcf) rounds out the JM CladStone portfolio, offering a variety of densities for diverse and varied applications and installations. Each of the insulations in the CladStone portfolio is ideal for continuous insulation applications and exterior wall assemblies. As part of a continuous insulation assembly, CladStone helps improve a building’s energy efficiency and temperature control by decreasing or preventing thermal bridging. This can be a key component to meeting many of the newer energy code requirements for building insulation.

JM CladStone is non-combustible, making it an exceptional solution for fire-resistant applications. Additionally, JM CladStone is water-resistant and allows for effective water drainage from an exterior cavity wall assembly.

As codes evolve to incorporate more and more stringent requirements for insulating materials, insulations like JM CladStone that offer thermal control, acoustical performance, fire-resistance, and water-resistance will prove to be robust solutions for ever more challenging applications. JM CladStone Water & Fire Block is available to customers in the United States and Canada.


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