Although the company has just a handful of years to its name, Level 5 Inc. of San Jose, Calif., continues its upward trajectory. The company, with its senior staff covering more than 200 years of industry experience, has seen business boom, allowing the company to invest more in staff, resources and equipment.

Level 5 specializes in interior and exterior metal framing assemblies, including drywall, insulation, fire stopping, lath and plaster.

Gordon Perry, senior estimator and senior project manager, reached out to W&C to share its most recent news.

“Level 5 Incorporated has grown by leaps and bounds, again,” says Perry. “We have jumped up another couple hundred men, opening in house three full separate divisions within the company of insulators, lath and plaster, and now fireproofing.”

He continues, “We are not slowing down. We have opened up another office in Seattle and they are starting to do well also.”

Perry explains that Level 5 has grown so big and fast that the company bought a building, gutted it and made it custom so that it showcases its capabilities.

“Under my direct supervision, the build out came out spectacular. We installed an inset back-lit Level 5 logo that was supplied by GC Products—14 each at 16 feet by 16 feet flared to knife-edge skylights that just light the interior of the building. A full height writable wall surface in every room and all walls in the five conference rooms feature Pittcon radiused light coves with round Pittcon eyebrows—all with perfect pre-mitered corners.”

Perhaps the news Perry is most excited about is an alliance with Dusty Robotics. This tech company builds robot-powered tools to complete important tasks on construction sites.

“They have moved their prototypes to actual working field models,” he says. “So keeping up with modern technology I brought them to a 20,000 square foot building to put them to the real big job test … and their performance and accuracy was nearly perfect. The Robot “Mark 2” does lay-out, putting lines exactly where they go in a quarter of the time as a two-plus man crew with pin-point accuracy.” 

By filling a market niche in Northern California, Level 5 prides its diverse staff on being experts at design build systems, structural load beating, mixed use, exterior, unique applications and tenant improvement, which has been embraced by the industry.