SafwayAtlantic, the premier metropolitan scaffolding and access provider for new construction, skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, maintenance projects and historical renovations, is bringing its expertise to the West Coast.

“With offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Los Angeles area and Seattle, we’re now able to offer the largest inventory of equipment — available for purchase or rent — on the West Coast, with expertise in hoists and building maintenance units (BMUs),” said Conal Molloy, president of SafwayAtlantic on the West Coast. “We also provide industry-leading forming and shoring and a broad range of complementary services — all supported by an advanced engineering team, a powerful project management system and an experience modification rate (EMR) of 0.57.”

Recent SafwayAtlantic West Coast wins include multimillion-dollar access services and equipment contracts for premier construction projects such as Seattle’s Denny Center, the Frank Gehry-designed tower complex at 100 S. Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles and the tower at 50 First Street in San Francisco.

SafwayAtlantic by BrandSafway was created by bringing together the experience and expertise of two trusted names in the industry: Atlantic Hoisting & Scaffolding, which was founded in 2006, and BrandSafway, which has a rich 100-plus-year history. In 2018, SafwayAtlantic acquired Cabrillo Hoist, a leading provider of construction hoists and elevators in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle metropolitan markets. In 2019, SafwayAtlantic acquired the assets of Sheedy Hoist to add to its premium motorized capabilities on the West Coast.

“With a passion for developing a culture of safety and exceeding customer expectations, SafwayAtlantic delivers the best possible service, along with solutions that are safer, more productive and more cost-effective,” added Molloy.

SafwayAtlantic honed its expertise in specialty hoisting and access solutions in the challenging construction environment of the urban East Coast. It combines this expertise, a fresh fleet of new and upgraded equipment, and extensive experience in logistical planning to offer turnkey access, with minimal impact on curtain walls, to customers on the West Coast.