Nu-Wave Manufacturing has released the newest addition to its line of Lean Construction Carts. The F66 is a heavy-duty flat cart that is 6 ft. in length and 29” wide with a 3,200 lb. load capacity, while the F44 is the 4 ft. long model. Both carts have four removable upright posts at each corner that are secured with hitch pins. The upright posts may be removed and the cart used with tree adapters (sold separately).

The versatility of this cart makes it especially appealing. It can be used as a heavy-duty material handling cart, a dolly, or lock the wheels when it’s not in use, and it acts as a storage rack.

“This particular cart design came about as a result of a customer request.  With the trend in lean construction, keeping materials off the floor and mobile is important and this cart fills that need,” said Larry Eberle, Nu-Wave’s National Sales Manager. Eberle went on to say, “It’s an exciting time for Nu-Wave. We’re carving a niche in the development of custom products, which also includes custom colors and ID branding. We have a number of new products that we expect to release in the coming months.”

Stay tuned for additional product releases in the very near future!