The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA), the educational and technical resource to the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) industry, is encouraging members of the SPF community to participate in professional development activities during any downtime resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. For a limited time, the alliance is offering Exam Preparatory Courses of its Professional Certification Program (PCP) free to SPFA Members and companies with employees enrolled in PCP. Those who don’t fall into either category may enroll in the PCP and get full access to all courses as they are released. All courses are offered in an online format for easy, safe remote access. 

“The Coronavirus pandemic has slowed the jobsites of many of our members, particularly in regions where construction has not been categorized as essential business,” said Kurt Riesenberg, executive director of the SPFA. “While unfortunate on many levels, the virus provides a unique opportunity for our professionals to enhance their marketability and reputation for best practices through certification while they have the time to do so.”

The online certification courses being offered include:

      SPF Assistant Exam Preparatory Course – Now available

The SPF Assistant Exam Preparatory Course lays the foundation in the basics of SPF chemistry, chemical health and safety, and jobsite safety. The SPF Assistant is the first level for both Insulation and Roofing certifications. 

      SPF Roofing Installer Course – Now available

This course helps prepare students to take Part Two of the SPFA Certification Written Exam for SPF Installer Roofing. The curriculum includes: Jobsite Set-up Procedures, Substrate Preparation, Startup Procedures, Foam Installation Methodology, Shut Down Procedures, and Coating Chemistry and Installation Methodology.

      SPF Insulation Installer Course – Now available

This course helps prepare the student to take Part Two of the SPFA Certification Written Exam for SPF Installer Insulation. The curriculum includes: Pre-Job Planning, Jobsite Set-up Procedures, Substrate Preparation, Startup Procedures, Installation Methodology, and Shut Down Procedures. 

The additional online Exam Prep Courses are in development and will be released as they are completed. These courses include:

      SPF Insulation Master Installer 

      SPF Insulation Project Manager

      SPF Roofing Master Installer

      SPF Roofing Project Manager

Established in 2013, the PCP program is standards driven and ISO 17024 compliant. Safety and product performance are the centerpiece of the program, which establishes a set of criteria through which individuals can demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities in working safely, efficiently and professionally. All courses offered in the current special are completed online, allowing participants to complete sessions from the comfort and safety of their homes.

“The SPFA is always looking for ways to enrich its members and their businesses and the Professional Certification Program is an important piece of that,” says Kelly Marcavage, director of the SPFA Professional Certification Program. “This is a perfect time for all contractors who find they have some extra time on their hands to work on their certifications and improve their professional standing.”

Those eligible for free courses will be contacted via email. If you don’t fall into either of these categories, but would like to attend the courses, please contact Enroll in PCP and your company will have access to all PCP Exam Prep Courses.