StructionSite, the automated site capture software that uses cameras and artificial intelligence to automatically track installs on a construction site, has been doing its part to aid the construction industry in a time of uncertainty. Following the reports of worldwide site shutdowns and restricted jobsite access due to the COVID-19 outbreak, StructionSite announced it would offer free access to its site documentation platform for 60 days to any company that needs to quickly document their jobsites during this time.

Companies that choose to stop using the platform after 60 days will have the ability to fully export their project data (drawings and hyperlinked 360 photos) to an offline format for archiving.

According to Ted Jennings, Senior VDC Manager at Barton Malow, "Throughout the COVID pandemic there have been multiple challenges thrown at construction projects. One challenge that Barton Malow was faced with was photographic documentation for jobsites. Documenting existing conditions across many of our sites in the most organized and efficient way became a large priority. With the help of StructionSite, their platform has provided Barton Malow with the best solution for detailed, easily accessible photo navigation and comparison." He added that, as an additional benefit, "the ease of accessibility through StructionSite's intuitive user interface allows teams to remotely view their projects."

"As the construction industry experiences a new set of challenges as a result of COVID-19, our partners at StructionSite are increasing the ability to track progress on-site, helping contractors avoid risk while keeping projects moving," said Kris Lengieza, Sr. Director of Business Development at Procore. "Connecting into the Procore platform provides one place for project teams to work together with an integrated set of construction applications that are mobile-ready for the field."

StructionSite also just announced that it has secured a $7 million Series A round of financing. The round was led by D20 Capital, with participation from Prelude, CEMEX Ventures, 500 Startups, Obayashi Corporation, and several industry-defining Angel Investors. With roots in the construction industry, the founding team is intimately aware of the many challenges that the industry faces, and the company plans to use this funding to continue its efforts to build innovative products that provide solutions to some of those pain points.

That dedication is felt by many of StructionSite's customers as well as industry leaders, as the company has seen exceptional customer growth over the course of the last year, coupled with a significant increase in strategic partnerships with standout construction technology companies. Now trusted by 75% of the ENR Top 20 construction companies in North America, StructionSite continues to deliver on its promise to help contractors reduce rework, improve communication, and mitigate risk. According to Kaushal Diwan, National Director of Innovation at DPR Construction, "StructionSite has been an invaluable solution for many DPR projects, especially during the COVID crisis. It has really helped those crews quickly document projects."

In the wake of this pandemic and beyond, StructionSite's platform is able to give distributed project teams complete, 360-degree access to the jobsite at any time, from any device. By simply walking the site while recording 360-degree video with their VideoWalk functionality, a wealth of in-the-moment project knowledge is gained that can be shared across disparate teams during the course of construction. With SmartTrack, StructionSite's upcoming product, image data is quantified using computer vision and machine learning, allowing project teams to easily see and visualize the daily status of work completed for specific trades.

Now more than ever, this data will continue to be critical to contractors as the industry prepares to shift to post-pandemic business operations.

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"This new investment ultimately means we have an expanded capacity to deliver an amazing customer experience while also having the resources to build new and unique products that solve serious business problems," said StructionSite Chief Executive Officer Matt Daly. "It's not a coincidence that several of our investors have roots in construction, meaning they have a long-term stake in making our industry better. It is our honor to be partnered with both investors and customers who share our vision to optimize construction project performance, fueled by reality capture data and artificial intelligence."